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The feeldoe comes in multiple sizes.  slim, classic, more & stout.

We recommend you buy the Feeldoe Original.  The original has the advantage because it’s less wide.  That really becomes helpful when you are trying to maneuver into positions that (most likely) both the top and bottom aren’t used to.

We have the Feeldoe stout.  I haven’t decided yet but it might be a little bit to wide for my manhole.  However what I am sure of is having more length would be nicer.

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Does it stay put in Jill’s Vaheena?

Yes.  It’s not perfect but it stays in pretty well.  She held it for a bit while she pounded away.  I do the same thing with my man cock sometimes though so same difference.  My advice is to buy it, try it and then if you need to, get a harness to help out.

If you do go the harness route, make sure you get one that has a open back to it.  Keep in mind that most dildos won’t be coming from inside the wearer. :) Also it’s pretty wide so measure and make sure that it fits width wise too.

What about when she really pounds hard?  Does it stay put then?

Actually,  I don’t know.  The toy is big enough that we didn’t really get into the pounding hard stage.  We stayed firmly in the whimpering and easing in slowly while gasping stage.

Is it too big?  Are you a wimp Jack?

Yes.  No.  Kinda.  At first it’s big.  Scary in a way to put something so wide in your ass.  This is a toy that works best when you are in the mood.  I (seriously) don’t do drugs but this toy makes me want to cry and ask for the crisco and poppers.

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